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W&W InterSection is a company that offers construction works in the fields of civil engineering, as follows:

Construction of the lower part of roads and railways, removal of humus; subsoil treatment; resolving the insufficient bearing by the method of stabilization or replacement; embankment construction; humus slope; construction of embankments; construction of the subgrade layer – delivery of the material

Construction of pavement construction flexible and semi-rigid and cement concrete pavements; making upper and lower bearing layers from unbound crushed stone aggregate.

Installation of road curbs and gutters as well as canals. Rainwater drainage system as well as drainage.

Chemical soil stabilization.

W&W InterSection has the necessary staff and equipment to perform the above-mentioned works within the agreed deadlines, prices and quality of works.


Call us+ 381 11 45 50 200
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Construction of roads and highways
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